Dragonflies and Damselflies Pictures

Last update 15 May 2021

This part of the site contains my collection of pictures from Dragonflies and Damselflies. At the moment I have pictures of 54 species, some very good by my standards, some barely recognizable. The site is automatically created from my picture collection. When a description exists, it is written in Dutch.

This page shows pictures from Europe and North America.


Last update 15 May 2021

Dezelfde informatie is ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands, click hier.

Foto index families

Last update 15 May 2021

Below an overview of the families that I have pictures of, with links to the corresponding order pages.

California Spreadwing
ebony jewelwing
oranje breedscheenjuffer
powdered dancer
blauwe glazenmaker
gewone bronlibel
four-spotted pennant

Alle famlies (Europa en Noord-Amerika)

Last update 15 May 2021

Below a complete list of the families that occur in Europe and North-America, with links to the pictures as applicable.

  • Hemiphlebiidae (Hemiphlebiidae)
  • Perilestidae (Perilestidae)
  • Synlestidae (Synlestidae)
  • Lestidae (Lestidae, 2 soorten)
  • Platystictidae (Platystictidae)
  • Amphipterygidae (Amphipterygidae)
  • Argiolestidae (Argiolestidae)
  • Calopterygidae (Calopterygidae, 4 soorten)
  • Chlorocyphidae (Chlorocyphidae)
  • Devadattidae (Devadattidae)
  • Dicteriadidae (Dicteriadidae)
  • Euphaeidae (Euphaeidae)
  • Heteragrionidae (Heteragrionidae)
  • Hypolestidae (Hypolestidae)
  • Lestoideidae (Lestoideidae)
  • Megapodagrionidae (Megapodagrionidae)
  • Pentaphlebiidae (Pentaphlebiidae)
  • Philogangidae (Philogangidae)
  • Philogeniidae (Philogeniidae)
  • Philosinidae (Philosinidae)
  • Polythoridae (Polythoridae)
  • Pseudolestidae (Pseudolestidae)
  • Rimanellidae (Rimanellidae)
  • Thaumatoneuridae (Thaumatoneuridae)
  • Incertae (Incertae)
  • Isostictidae (Isostictidae)
  • Platycnemididae (Platycnemididae, 1 soort)
  • Coenagrionidae (Coenagrionidae, 10 soorten)
  • Epiophlebiidae (Epiophlebiidae)
  • Petaluridae (Petaluridae)
  • Aeshnidae (Aeshnidae, 6 soorten)
  • Austropetaliidae (Austropetaliidae)
  • Gomphidae (Gomphidae, 1 soort)
  • Neopetaliidae (Neopetaliidae)
  • Chlorogomphidae (Chlorogomphidae)
  • Cordulegastridae (Cordulegastridae, 1 soort)
  • Macromiidae (Macromiidae)
  • Synthemistidae (Synthemistidae)
  • Corduliidae (Corduliidae)
  • Libellulidae (Libellulidae, 29 soorten)